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Innocent Dogs Suffer Due to Government Neglect

In a forgotten corner of our world, innocent dogs suffer in silence. But you can be their voice! Join our mission to help these precious lives from a government-run shelter that has tragically failed them. Your involvement could mean a world of difference. #HelpPoorDogs

A few months ago, we posted about an “animal shelter” in the middle of nowhere that was found in horrific condition. This “shelter” is government owned and is supposed to be taken care of by the government; unfortunately, that has not been the case. These dogs have been left in crates with no food or water for weeks at a time. When our volunteers discovered this “shelter”, we jumped into action and started the clean-up efforts as well as the care for these animals.

One of our volunteers has been visiting this shelter once or twice a week to try and throw the animals some food and water, but the conditions kept getting worse and worse for these poor animals. This location is two hours away from the nearest village, making It difficult for us to clean the cages as much as we would like due to the high cost of gas and time. Unfortunately, this results in these dogs laying in their own feces, and maggots, and being covered with flies that carry diseases. Many of these dogs have become pregnant, and too weak to protect their babies from the rats that end up eating the puppies.

We have contacted the mayor of the village, but have not received any response about having these animals surrendered or transported to a different location. We will make another attempt to contact the mayor and if we do not receive any response, our next attempt is to contact the local news station so that we can be the voice for these poor animals.

We will not stop fighting for these poor four-legged children. Friends, we need your continued support and donations to pay for the food, water, cleaning supplies, and gas. Without your support, we will not be able to help. You may not be able to donate much, and that is okay; any dollar that you are able to donate will help.

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